Waterways Management

Waterway Management

As experts in the field of waterway management, we have the in-depth knowledge and skills to offer high quality water clearance and waterway restoration services to both domestic and commercial customers across the South of England. Using industry-leading boats and state of the art equipment, we ensure that the results that we achieve are aesthetically appealing, efficiently carried out and available at a competitive price.

Types of waterway management covered

Whether you need a commercial lake restoration service to improve the health and appearance of your business premises, or simply want to revive a domestic garden pond or stream, our expertise enables us to provide you with a client-centred waterway management service, improving your marine environment whilst also preserving and protecting the natural environment and habitats around and within it. Whatever your aquatic needs, the team at Boyden Environmental are here to help.

Digger boat removing a large branch from a pond

Waterway Clearance

Whether a tree has toppled into your fishing lake or a storm has filled your pond with debris, finding that your waterway has been affected by events outside your control can be stressful.

Often, it’s difficult, if not impossible to remove the debris yourself as such jobs require specialist equipment. When you’re facing a large waterway clearance project, the Boyden Environmental team has access to the equipment to make quick work of it.

Reed cutting in a digger boat

Lake and Pond Land Management

Here at Boyden Environmental, we offer more than just waterway management, we can also provide complete overhauls of the land surrounding your watercourse thanks to our array of cutting edge equipment including excavators and wood chippers.

From bulrush reed cutting and full reed bed removal to lawn trimming and river bank maintenance, we can tackle your next project whatever the scale.

Large pond with overhanging tree

Waterway Restoration

When a waterway has gone past the point of maintenance, it may be time to consider restoration services. Our comprehensive pond or lake restoration service can transform the health and appearance of your waterway, and encompasses everything from desilting and pond weed removal to aquatic planting and aquascaping.

Whether you’ve recently purchased a neglected estate or waterway maintenance hasn’t been a priority, we can give you the beautiful natural waterway you desire at a competitive price.

Domestic and commercial clients welcome

We know that maintaining a clean and clear lake or pond is essential if you run a water-based business such as a fishery or water sports company. Debris in the water can quickly become a hazard, and if left unaddressed can become a costly issue to resolve. We also know that if you’re running a commercial holiday park, debris in the water spoils the appearance of your lake or pond, affecting the enjoyment of your guests. 

However, we also appreciate that we have a growing number of domestic clients who don’t have the time, expertise or equipment to carry out waterway management on their own. For this reason, while our business predominantly works with commercial clients, we also welcome clients who are seeking support on a domestic project, whether it be small or large. 

For river restoration, water clearance or general waterway management, speak to a member of the team today.

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