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Lake Maintenance

Pond and lake maintenance is an essential aspect of managing the overall health of your waterway and is particularly important if you run a water-related business such as a leisure park, fishing lake or a golf course. While a neglected lake may not look particularly unhealthy from the surface, the depths tell a different story. Left untended, aquatic plants, reeds and algae can quickly take over, deteriorating the water quality and resulting in a stagnant, congested and unsightly lake or pond that, over time, may even begin to slowly revert to land.

From silt removal to mowing and tree pruning, maintaining a lake is no small job, and many landowners simply don’t have the time, expertise or energy to take on the job. Enter, Boyden Environmental.

We have the lake maintenance tools and industry experience to bring your watercourse back to life, providing maintenance for lakes, ponds and waterways throughout the southeast. Our lake maintenance service tackles issues before they arise, providing you with peace of mind and a watercourse you can enjoy for years to come.

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Lake maintenance service

As with any body of water, fishing lakes benefit from regular maintenance, which helps to prevent the lake from being overrun by reeds, weeds and algae. It’s also important to take into account the type of landscape surrounding your fishing lake, as some locations may be prone to run off, creating a build up of silt that often isn’t noticed until it’s too late

Not only does fishing lake maintenance keep your waterway looking and smelling at its best, but it helps to build a healthy fish population. By properly managing a waterway with regular fishing lake maintenance, you will reduce overall downtime, create a beneficial ecosystem for fish, and ensure your anglers have a positive experience; after all, healthy fish = happy anglers.

With our extensive range of specialist equipment, we provide fishing lake maintenance solutions that make unattractive, unhealthy, underwhelming fishing pools a thing of the past. And all without you having to do a thing.

Make your fishing lake the best in the area, with Boyden Environmental.

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Why use Boyden Environmental for lake maintenance?

With an exhaustive selection of lake maintenance tools for refreshing, refurbishing or restoring your waterway, Boyden Environmental are lake and pond clearing specialists with a difference. 

Serving private landowners, commercial fisheries, residential estates and more, we can offer a wide variety of maintenance services to suit a range of needs. Covering both land and water-based areas, we have cutting edge equipment, boats and barges to enable us to gain access to all areas of your land.

Whether you need a professional service to mow grassed areas, a boat or barge to access your lake or pond’s islands or cutting back the overgrowth on your site, you can count on us to get the job done.

With competitive prices, state of the art digger boats and flexible pond maintenance solutions, Boyden Environmental is proud to be the trusted choice of clients for lake, pond and island maintenance throughout the UK.


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Contact our professional team today to find out more about how our lake maintenance service can help you to keep your lakes and islands looking their best at all times. Whether you need a one-off service or an ongoing maintenance contract, we’re at your disposal and can offer you competitive pricing to suit your specific needs.

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