Aquatic Weed Removal

Aquatic Weed Removal Services

Whether you own a fishery, a water sports centre, a holiday park or any other commercial operation, finding a cost effective and efficient aquatic weed removal company to control the growth in your lake or pond will prevent costly problems arising down the line.

Lake and pond weeds can quickly get out of control, particularly during hotter weather. This can leave your waterway overgrown, stagnant and unappealing for humans and freshwater creatures alike. Even as a private domestic client, aquatic weed removal services pay dividends. Having excess pond or lake weeds creates an unsightly appearance, spoils your waterscape’s natural beauty and becomes a costly issue to reverse.

Boyden Environmental offers an affordable and effective lake weed removal service to restore your lake to its former glory, and a lake maintenance service to ensure it stays in good condition.

Alligator weed
Weed Removal

Why lake weed removal matters

Not only does unmanaged aquatic vegetation look unattractive, but it can also cause issues with your water quality, impacting any wildlife or farmed fish within. If you are running a water-related business, this can lead to a severe negative impact on your revenue. For example, out of control aquatic weeds can endanger fish stock, leading to financial problems for your fishery.

They can also restrict angling, water sports and other recreational activities, which can prove to be devastating for your business. With this in mind, calling in a professional team to proactively deal with lake weed removal and aquatic overgrowth is the best course of action.

Types of pond weed

Alligator weed. Curly waterweed. Canadian pondweed. Blanket weed.

Do you know what types of pondweed call your watercourse home? With a growing number of plants introduced to UK waterways, pond weed identification is becoming more difficult year on year, leaving many landowners and lake management teams struggling to tackle the problem of weed removal. Using a combination of pond weed identification and purpose-built aquatic weed removal tools, Boyden Environmental can reduce or remove all types of pond weed, leaving your lake or pond cleaner and healthier.

Lake weed removal techniques

We operate specialist boats which are capable of manually removing a large quantity of invasive weeds and plant matter in a short space of time. Our boats feature a range of lake weed removal equipment and attachments, designed for efficiently cutting pond weeds while offering outstanding manoeuvrability and propulsion, regardless of water conditions.

Operating in even the tightest of spaces, our cutters have the capabilities to tackle the bottom of the lake and sever weeds at the root. By utilising the right water weed removal tool for the type of pond weed in question, we minimise downtime and ensure the desired result.

Getting a quote for lake weed removal

Contact our team today to learn more about how aquatic weed removal can improve the health and appearance of your lake or pond. Whether you are looking for a one-off lake weed removal service or an ongoing maintenance contract, we can offer competitive pricing and flexible solutions to suit your needs.

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