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Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions our team receives.

How do you ensure biosecurity?

Biosecurity is a set of measures put in place to protect against diseases and viruses entering the water and spreading, thus harming aquatic life. SVS and KHV are very common in aquatic landscapes today. Therefore, ensuring your lakes and ponds are properly protected against all who utilise it couldn’t be more important.

Are you insured?

You can be confident that Boyden Environmental has full employers and public liability insurance to cover each and every commercial or private project that we work on.

How do you gain access?

We launch our boats on hydraulic purpose-built trailers which are towed by 4×4 trucks into position. This means we’re able to access virtually every location. We will discuss all access requirements with you before we commence any works to ensure there will be no issues.

Which sectors do you cover?

We work for a wide range of both domestic and commercial clients including fisheries, canal and river authorities, estates, holiday parks, local authorities, golf and hotel resorts, land contractors, golf clubs, watersport centres and many more.

Can herbicides not be used on waterways?

A ban was enforced by the EU in 2010 prohibiting the use of herbicides on waterways and lakes. This has led to aquatic weeds growing excessively and increasing the risk of flooding while also damaging water quality. This means that using a professional service to clear and clean lakes, ponds and waterways is essential.

What kind of aquatic weeds can you remove?

We’re able to remove all kinds of lake weed including Canadian Pond Weed, Fringed Waterlilies and Duckweed.

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